Atmo-Spheres: light becomes sculpture

In this collection the object is born first and then the name. I wanted to create suggestive lamps able to be the focal point of an environment .

I chose the sphere, which for me is the pure form par excellence and I have remained faithful to it over the years, albeit with some concessions to other forms, such as cylinders.

In light off, the lamp is in fact a sculpture. With the light on, its beauty is amplified. A rain of light in the form of a peacock's tail projects on the surrounding walls creating a magical and dreamy atmosphere.

I chose the raku technique for cooking, capable of producing phantasmagoric iridescences, ranging from silver to gold, from bronze to indigo. I have always been fascinated by the aspect of absolute unpredictability associated with this type of cooking, which often repays you with extraordinary and unique results.

Atmo-sphere is the combination of a perfect shape and a touch of randomness to obtain lamps capable of evoking even before they illuminate.


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