Collection TALISMAN


Porcelain becomes light as air

I shape the talisman by hand in very light and extremely thin white porcelain . When the porcelain is still raw, I engulf it, covering it with a range of earthy colors. I then proceed to engrave the surface with a nib to obtain graphic signs .

talisman fine porcelain Italian design handcraft

I draw inspiration from fractal or mandala designs or I go freehand following instinct. I find the fractals particularly interesting because in some way they establish a mathematical order in the nature of the objects and constitute the matrix of every form of life, referring to a concept of belonging to the whole.

The engraving is white and contrasts, without screeching, with the color of the talisman. Each "stone" has a different shape with its own thickness and incision, just as the sound it produces by shaking it is unique. In fact, inside each talisman I have inserted the three great protectors which are: rice for prosperity, silver for protection and fruit seeds for individual potential. The sound produced by the talisman shaking it should remind that each individual has within himself seeds / talents that deserve to be cared for and cultivated for life.

There is no possibility of creating two identical talismans.


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