Bicolor vases


Terra sigillata + naked raku + self-shaping engobes

The two-color vases were a divertissement because I brought together various processing techniques in a single object. Terra sigillata is a technique dating back to the period of ancient Rome. It consists of a prolonged settling of the clay to bring out the softest, lightest and most vitrifying part. Once dried and made creamy, this clay is spread over other products creating a waterproof surface without the need to resort to vitrification.

vaso tecnica raku

The ancient Romans used it to seal terracotta amphorae so that they do not lose the liquid, hence the name terra sigillata. Naked raku is a technique that consists in applying two layers of different materials (a slip and a glaze) on the already cooked object. When the object is subjected to smoking and traction, the cast enamel produces cracks like a skin (crackle effect), through which the smoke can come to the surface and leave a screening on the product.

raku nudo terre sigillate

The self-shaping engobe is obtained thanks to a clay which, subjected to the drying traction, produces cracks of different dimensions, creating the effect of an arid desert. The splits can also be very wide and raised.


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