It was the clay that chose me. I got my hands in this material for the first time when I was three years old and I never stopped. In the 1980s I made my passion into a job and became a ceramist.

raffaella cirelli artigiana ceramista

Since then I have used clay working techniques as the neriage , the bucchero , the sealed lands , the naked raku , which I learned from master craftsmen in Italy and abroad. I never used the lathe, because it places too many limitations on the shape. I build my colombino works , with the patient and precise overlapping of long clay cylinders. I am animated by a continuous desire to experiment: techniques, materials, mixtures, glazes.

In 2000 my husband Alberto Togni, a master glassmaker, also entered the atelier. Thanks to his creativity and knowledge of glass, I found a new field of experimentation: the compatibility between glass and ceramic, in particular glazed objects .

I made works for important architects and galleries in Italy and abroad. A sculpture of mine was chosen to represent the Italian Excellence in the World Award delivered in the United States in 2017.